3D Printing Venture Capital News and Trends

January 22, 2015

Venture Capitalist 3D Prints a Rocket Faster Than the Speed of Sound for Under $2 Jurvetson is one of the most successful venture capitalists in Silicon Valley and an avid rocket maker who regularly travels to Nevada’s Black Rock Desert to launch his latest vehicles. READ MORE Pey is 3D-printing Bitcoin terminals and giving them away for free In Hanover, Germany, a new company is using Bitcoin to get electronic payments accepted by local merchants. So he gathered a few local technologists, developers, and industrial designers to create a 3D-printed Bitcoin point of sale that doesn’t cost a thing to use. READ MORE VCs Warm Up to 3D Printing After a dismal 2012, VCs plowed 300% more funding into 3D printing companies in the last 12 months. Crowdfunding a la Kickstarter has also has become a popular source of funding for 3D printing startups. READ MORE 3D Printing Live Online Panel: Overview and Trends Live online discussion with investors, entrepreneurs, and industry analysts. Post

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