3D Printer at Detroit Show That Prints 200 -500 Times Faster Than Regular 3D Printing

June 10, 2014

After privately held Cincinnati Inc. signed an agreement with the U.S. Department of Energy s Oak Ridge National Lab to develop a 3-D printer that is 200-500 times faster and capable of printing polymer components 10 times larger than most of today s 3-D printers. The team s goal is to speed up the commercialization of a new 3-D printing machine that can print large polymer parts faster and more cheaply than current technologies in order to strengthen domestic manufacturing of highly advanced components for the automotive, aerospace, appliance, robotics and many other industries. In April, I provided an update of the project after a Local Motors press release announced that Cincinnati Inc. s BAAM machine will produce a 3-D printed electric vehicle at The International Manufacturing Technology Show in Chicago, which will be held in September. Now, I have more specifics to share that haven t been reported elsewhere, to my knowledge, as I spoke with Rick Neff, manager of market developme

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