3D Printing Video – Maker Bot Meets Sesame Street

May 16, 2014

3D printing firm MakerBot is bringing a downloadable Sesame Street figurine to its digital store, the first such file for its newly licensed brand. Mr Snuffleupagus is currently the only Sesame Street character on offer, although the company intends to release more in the future. Some toy industry insiders fear 3D printing may have a negative effect on the market. However, figures suggest the industry has yet to make a large impact. At the modest size of 97mm x 92mm x 87mm (3.8in x 3.6in x 3.4in), the mini Mr Snuffleupagus will fit in the palm of your hand. It s available in a number of different colours, takes three hours to print and costs $1.29 (77p). The big toy companies are currently keeping their eye on [3D printing], but it s not something they re particularly worried about. The files required to print the monster work on only two of MakerBot s 3D printers: the Replicator 2 and the fifth generation model of the original Replicator. Much of the 3D Printing literature predicted

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